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Just another Ranter in the blogosphere, based in the East of England in the UK. Interests literature and poetry, poets, communism and communalism, socialism, the destiny of humankind, the Ranter folk in the English revolution (one of their writers was called Jacob Bauthumley: click on About and you'll find a piece on Ranter beliefs, with a quotation from Bauthumley himself), the Green Party, philosophy, ethics, science fiction, the novel, France, Norfolk, global warming, humour, music, and survival. "We must love one another or die": W H Auden, in the poem 1st September 1939.


Road killed meat is good, my friends. Between October and the end of April (remember our English North Sea Coast climate is cold…) I eat whatever I find dead on the road while out on the bicycle for a run: … Continue reading

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Blind Carbon Copy: Consumerism or Liberation? By Ben Courtice

Comment: This article by an Australian comrade, Ben Courtice, who hails from Footscray, is so up to the mark and so of the moment that I am going to republish it to ensure that it gets the widest readership possible … Continue reading

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Communism and the Family, by Alexandra Kollantai

No apologies for republishing another old classic, which is also in my pamphlet collection… First Published: in Komunistka, No. 2, 1920, and in English in The Worker, 1920; Source: Selected Writings of Alexandra Kollontai, Allison & Busby, 1977; Translated: by Alix Holt. Women’s … Continue reading

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Music and Islamophobia

Les voici en direct de la France…Cheb Mami et Susheela Raman en concert ensemble… Je ne parle pas arabe non plus mais, donnez votre coeur au coeur de la musique… Qui ne peut pas dire, en écoutant cette chanson, que … Continue reading

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What is Commodity Fetishism?

It occurred to me, while writing my last post on The Female Eunuch, that few people know what commodity fetishism is. It is a term used by Karl Marx, in Chapter 3 of Volume One of Das Kapital. However, since … Continue reading

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Brief Thoughts On A Feminist Classic

The Female Eunuch, by Germaine Greer, was a literary bomb thrown at patriarchy in 1970 by a libertarian Australian woman. I still have a battered copy. I read it in 1978 and I was a convert! It is angry, courageous, taboo … Continue reading

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A Profound Ignorance: Father Jean Meslier on the Christian faith

Une ignorance profonde, une crédulité sans bornes, une tête très faible, une imagination emportée: voilà les matériaux avec lesquels se font les dévots, les zélés, les fanatiques et les saints. Il serait juste que les grands de la terre et … Continue reading

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