A Profound Ignorance: Father Jean Meslier on the Christian faith

Une ignorance profonde, une crédulité sans bornes, une tête très faible, une imagination emportée: voilà les matériaux avec lesquels se font les dévots, les zélés, les fanatiques et les saints.

Il serait juste que les grands de la terre et que tous les nobles fussent pendus et étranglés avec les boyaux de prêtres.

Le christianisme ne s’est répandu qu’en promettant le despotisme, dont il est, comme toute religion, le plus ferme soutien.

Jean Meslier (1664-1729), premier philosophe de l’athéisme en  France (selon Michel Onfray).

The link to this great man is in English! An atheist and communist philosopher who was a Catholic priest for his supper, secretly incubating one of the most subversive documents in the history of Catholicism all his life!

What a story! Jean Meslier’s Testament was published posthumously. After which I believe the Catholic church dug our rebel hero atheist priest up and reburied him in unconsecrated ground.

How that’s for gratitude at having their religious bullshit exposed?

Recommended further reading:

On religion:

Error, Illusion, and Imposture, 1729

On communism:

On the Great Good and Advantages for Men if They All Lived Peaceably, Enjoying in Common the Goods and Conveniences of Life

The Testament of Jean Meslier has, for the first time, been  published in book form in English. Order it here if you live in America, http://www.amazon.com/Testament-Memoir-Thoughts-Sentiments-Meslier/dp/1591027497/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1287393562&sr=8-1, and here if you live in the UK:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Testament-Memoir-Thoughts-Sentiments-Meslier/dp/1591027497/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1287393861&sr=8-1.

Why bother with Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion when you can go to the source for your atheism, and read, from an insider to and practitioner of the Catholic faith, an exposure of the scandal and disgrace of institutional Christianity, by the magnificent Meslier?

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