Light Art

After hearing a review on Front Row, Radio 4, I look forward to seeing the contemporary art installation exhibition in London by Californian artist James Turrell.

He makes art with light.

I like the idea of getting completely out of my box on light… 🙂

Hallucinogenic drugs have always scared me, and I’ve never taken them because I consider myself too sensitive, but one of James’ installations was described (on Radio 4) as “slightly hallucinogenic”. The presenter described how he entered a “full immersion” experience in a room full of coloured light, and emerged with his headache gone, feeling strangely light and joyous, a feeling that lasted for the rest of the day…

Now we all enjoy altered states of consciousness: that’s why we meditate, pray, get stoned, and drink alcohol.

Book a place in the central installation at this gallery and get stoned on art!

It could be a very spiritual experience. Light is central to spirituality, and we all need more of it in our lives. We talk about the light of love in someone’s eyes. We all need more of that, too…

The exhibition is on at the Gagosian Gallery, 6-24 Britannia St, London WC1 until December 10th, 2010

James Turrell is one of the art world’s originals. A Californian who now lives on a ranch in the Arizona desert, for his latest London exhibition he has brought a collection of installations involving the electromagnetic radiation we call light.

More on James Turrell here:


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