Dreaming by the River Cure

Dreaming by the River CureThe River Cure in SummerThe Cure is a fast flowing 50 mile river that descends from the Morvan. By the time it reaches the edge of Voutenay-Sur-Cure it has slowed down, and is deep enough to swim in. The water is exceptionally clean. At Voutenay’s bridge over the Cure, the river has picked up speed again.

View of the River Cure from the Bridge in Voutenay.

About jacobbauthumley

Just another Ranter in the blogosphere, based in the East of England in the UK. Interests literature and poetry, poets, communism and communalism, socialism, the destiny of humankind, the Ranter folk in the English revolution (one of their writers was called Jacob Bauthumley: click on About and you'll find a piece on Ranter beliefs, with a quotation from Bauthumley himself), the Green Party, philosophy, ethics, science fiction, the novel, France, Norfolk, global warming, humour, music, and survival. "We must love one another or die": W H Auden, in the poem 1st September 1939.
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